Why ResLo?

My thinking is this…

If I can add just a little bit of awesome to YOUR day (say, by blogging about something that I find delightful), whether you mean to or not, you’ll go out and add a little bit of awesome to someone else’s day, and they’ll go out and do the same for someone else…

By enjoying a little bit of awesome in our everyday, we can make our WORLD a little more awesome.

Grassroots Awesomeness. It starts with the things that resonate locally…hence, Resonate Local.

Here’s a chart I made for you visual people.  (I know. Super good at chart-making.)



4 responses to “Why ResLo?

  1. Hi Dani!
    stumbled upon your blog, thanks so much for your lovely post about my artwork! Please let me know if I can give you any more info:)

    Sarah Stieber

  2. Linda

    your blog is extremely deep and i can’t get enough. True enough i also stumbled onto your blog. because i was reading something you wrote on: http://isatv.com/ thought it was interesting and followed the link all the way to your blog and now i can’t stop following it!

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