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WORKIN IT|AJ Rafael x ISAtv “Matchmaker” Music Video


Recently, I had the pleasure of styling AJ Rafael’s latest music video, “Matchmaker“, directed by Jason Poon. The BEST part of my job, no contest, is getting to meet and work with so many insanely creative, ridiculously hard-working people.  Over our 12-hr shoot at YouTube Space LA, I styled some 20 people (4 band members, plus extras) in 4 distinct party looks…and I’m pretty sure I was laughing the whole way through.  Working hard for sure, but laughing all along the way.  THAT is why I love my job.  Everyone involved was down-to-earth and just downright happy to be there. Also, there were donuts. Lots of donuts.  Good people AND donuts? I mean, that right there is a combination destined for a good time.

Playing matchmaker themselves (see what I did there?), ISAtv, who produced the video, introduced me to fellow costume designer, Pei Lynn Juang, my partner-in-crime for the video’s art & costume design team.  Like the multi-talented champ that she is, on the day of the shoot, she ended up in charge of dressing the set….& she killed it.  Check out who this fabulous lady is over on her blog: Have Peitience.


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My buddy, DANakaDAN‘s been killing it with the music videos lately.  A fantastically entertaining little mix of humor, humility, old school jams, and geek pride – his latest video, LOSER, with Alexander Jung, had me feeling all kinds of nostalgic…and, damn proud of my nerd-status.  So, what I’m sayin is….check it out.

Also, while we’re talking afterschoolspecial…their video for Dreamers, an ah-mazing visual collaboration of YouTube latest & greatest – Ryan Higa, Cathy Nguyen, Aj Rafael, David Choi, Jennifer Chung, Dawen, Paul Dateh, Instant Noodles Crew, and Wong Fu Productions –  is pretty much my favorite.  It’s all about the epicness of 3:24.  And if the song sounds familiar, it’s because I use it as the opening credits for all my ResLo videos. Fun fact.  Enjoy!

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