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SO|THIS|EXISTS: HelvetiCandy Typeface

Clever design & candy…I mean, does it GET any better than this?

London-based designer, Samuel Carter Mensah (who I shall here on out refer to as the Willy Wonka of Words) is the mastermind behind this most delectable, most mouth-watering, most “I just wanna eat it all until my stomach hurts and then sugar high, and then sugar crash, and then realize I make bad grown-up decisions, and then not care and eat more candy” typeface.

So, I thank you, oh Willy Wonka of Words.  My sweet tooth has now been taken to a whole new level.

You can download HelvetiCandy for FREE!!! at www.helveticandyfont.com.

SO|THIS|EXISTS: HelvetiCandy x Best Ever

SO|THIS|EXISTS: HelvetiCandy x CLoseUp

SO|THIS|EXISTS: HelvetiCandy x &




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