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Dear Mr. Burton (Tim?),

You have a dark & twisty mind, and it is truly delightful.

Respectfully yours,

I am not-so-dark & only slightly twisty, but I’ll love you forever for sharing your wondrous & whimsical world.

PS: Your artwork is every bit as horrifically charming as one would hope & could only attempt to imagine.

tbca_edsciss tbca_beetlejuice tbca_moonman tbca_penguin

Tim Burton artwork via artoftimburton.tumblr.com



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It’s October…which means it’s Halloween season…which means it, my friends, is time for a little dark & twisty Tim Burton action.  So, here it is, kicking off the season – because it just never gets old! the annual re-post of Tim Burton’s fashion spread in Harper’s Bazaar…


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The King of Dark & Twisty

It’s officially October and to kick off this month of all things dark & twisty, I’m revisiting one of my favorite editorials…in life.  Last October, the incomparable Tim Burton teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar to create this haunting fusion of style & art.  Showcased is Burton’s trademark standard of quiet, grotesque beauty.  Sadly, no Johnny Depp, nonetheless, the spread is whimsical and humorous, edgy, eerie, and completely stunning…classic Tim Burton!

Click HERE to view the full editorial.

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