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HILARI-TEE|Sincerely Jules’ Spring/Summer 2014


I’ve found it. Finally.

The ever elusive unicorn that is…my style spirit animal.  My style Patronus, if you will.

Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock for the past few years because Sincerely Jules has been blogging since 2009, and I’m only now just discovering her.  The epitome of California chic – her laid-back style is effortlessly chic, an understated mix of urban edge and SoCal playfulness. New school & old school. Modern & classic.  Did I mention the girl’s all for rocking sneakers over heels? Le swoon.

Aaaanyway, style wifey just launched the Spring/Summer 2014 line for her equally ah-mazing t-shirt line and it’s invoking all kinds of warm weather feels.  Pineapples, flamingos, palm trees…yes, please!

You can see the whole Spring/Summer 2014 Sincerely Jules line here: http://sincerelyjules.bigcartel.com



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I’m really not a huge fan of birds (except for owls…because owls are awesome. Duh.).  Mostly, I think they’re kind of annoying. But, there’s just something about flamingos that crack me up.

They’re just so delightfully…awkward?

Also, when they nuzzle noses their heads form a heart.  So, that’s pretty cute too.


alldayeveryday_flamingoBurnout tee | Enamel necklace |Button-down shirt | Scarf | Flask | Printed leather shorts | Satchel | Glassware | Romper | Sandals

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Little nuggets from my Instagram…for more, follow me: @ResonateLocal

Happy Friday!

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Don’t get me wrong…sunshine & clear skies make for a lovely summer day.

And, damn, those warm summer nights…

…but what REALLY gets me are those rare moments when it rains hot.

The seamless gray clouds hang heavy and low, letting in just enough sunlight to leave you wanting more. A little mood lighting, if you will. The muggy humidity hugs your body, clinging to your damp skin, palpable with warm anticipation. And that perfect, soft breeze just wafts laaazily about, raising the tiniest hairs on your arms and neck…little seductive whispers of what’s to come. The Earth eagerly waits for the sky to surrender…and then, finally, it does. Cool rain meets the warm pavement…

Sexy summertiiiiime rain.

Like I said, sunny days are good & swell, but that hot rain…

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DIY|Braided Bracelet

I came across this great DIY project on the blog, I Still Love You, where they created this fantastic braided necklace out of an upcycled tee. I switch up my bracelets more than I do my necklaces, so I created a bracelet version. It’s a super easy, fun accessory for spring/summer that’ll add a pop of color to any outfit!



  1. T-shirt
  2. Scissors
  3. Needle
  4. Thread

1) From the t-shirt, cut 4 pieces: 3 long strips (no wider than 1 in.) & 1 rectangular piece (about 2×2.5 in.)

2) Stack the 3 long strips and sew a couple stitches to secure them together.

3) Braid the 3 pieces together, then sew the two ends together.

4) Wrap the braid around 3 times. Take the small rectangular piece an wrap it around the point where the 2 ends of the braid meet.  Secure by stitching the 2 ends of the rectangle together, being careful not to sew the rectangular piece to the braid.

5) Turn the rectangular piece inside out & position so that it hides where the 2 ends of the braid meet.

6)  Stack them, mix them….rock your new bracelet!

To mix it up, you can:

– mix your t-shirt fabrics (ie: print + color, multiple prints, multiple colors)

– switch out one long piece of fabric for ribbon


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