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HILARI-TEE|Sincerely Jules’ Spring/Summer 2014


I’ve found it. Finally.

The ever elusive unicorn that is…my style spirit animal.  My style Patronus, if you will.

Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock for the past few years because Sincerely Jules has been blogging since 2009, and I’m only now just discovering her.  The epitome of California chic – her laid-back style is effortlessly chic, an understated mix of urban edge and SoCal playfulness. New school & old school. Modern & classic.  Did I mention the girl’s all for rocking sneakers over heels? Le swoon.

Aaaanyway, style wifey just launched the Spring/Summer 2014 line for her equally ah-mazing t-shirt line and it’s invoking all kinds of warm weather feels.  Pineapples, flamingos, palm trees…yes, please!

You can see the whole Spring/Summer 2014 Sincerely Jules line here: http://sincerelyjules.bigcartel.com



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SPRING|STYLE: The Awesome Blossom

So…a few weeks ago, this happened:


I thought my shirt kind of looked like a curtain.  Turns out, it did.  Whilst on vacation in Hawaii, I was delighted [slightly horrified] to find out that the hotel’s curtain fabric of choice was nearly identical to my shirt fabric of choice! Great minds.

Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on florals. And, just in time, because it’s one of spring’s biggest trends.  Now, we’re not talking about your grandma’s delicate, dainty pastel florals, no, this season it’s all about the vibrant, in-your-face blossom that daringly toes the line between awesome and awful, the kind that’ll make you ask yourself, “Wait…DO these look like curtains?” If your answer is “yes,” then you, my friend, are on the right track.


For more ways to wear bold florals, click HERE.

How would you wear the awesome blossom trend?


Clockwise from top left: Topshop floral check tee | Forever 21 chill out floral tee | J. Crew track pant | BooHoo tapestry skirt | Jeffrey Campbell “Alva” floral loafer | J. Crew merino sweater |  Dolce & Gabbana shoulder bag | Gap floral bomber jacket

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LIKE|THIS: Cheeky Prints

LIKE|THIS: Cheeky Prints

I’m  a strong believer in wearing things that, if nothing else, just makes you happy.  It’s your little bit of awesome for the day, right? And, this is why I’m a sucker for cheeky prints.  They’re bold and, yeah, they’re a little obnoxious…but they’re also amusing and completely charming. Like I said, cheeky.

So, whether it’s bold hearts or gold-foiled dinosaurs, donuts (yes, I’ve seen donut print) or flamingoes, if it makes you smile, that’s reason enough to wear it!

As always, the easiest way to wear something seemingly unwearable, is to pick a familiar, classic silhouette.  Maybe you’re not sure how to wear a big heart print? But, you know what you DO know how to wear? A v-neck sweater. Start there. You’ll be just fine.

What would your dream cheeky print be?

LIKE|THIS: Cheeky Prints x Lady

LIKE A LADY: Heart print dress | Vince ribbed cardigan | Target infinity scarf | Kendra Scott druzy earrings | Madewell lovelock tote | Forever 21 classic tights | Acne pistol ankle boot

LIKE|THIS: Cheeky Prints x Gentlewoman

LIKE A GENTLEWOMAN: Burberry Prorsum heart sweater | Madewell chambray shirt | Meredith Wendell leather belt | Nick Bronson knit tie | N.D.C. chelsea boots


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LIKE|THIS: Team Zissou

LIKE|THIS: Team Zissou. Always.

submarine necklace | Adidas Zissou sneakers | Team Zissou patch | Vostok Amphibia watch | Guess aviator sunglasses.

LIKE A GENTLEWOMAN: River Island cap | New Look short sleeve shirt | Zara chino trousers.

LIKE A LADY: Agent Ninetynine slouchy cap | Topshop crop top | Zara pleated skirt.

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Fairytale Love Child Cheekiness

The other day, I came across something that made the 8 year old in me gasp with delight.  I was not cool.  I was not collected. I straight up squealed…in public…so, that happened and was just as awkward as you would imagine.

Now, some of you won’t really get what the big deal is…they’re just shoes.  But some of you will know EXACTLY why my inner 8 year old fangirled. A lot.

This fall,  shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia, introduced her “Once Upon a Time” collection.  Basically, if your love for shoes had a glorious little baby with your love for fairy tales, and that baby grew up to be a cheeky, yet charming, shoe collection (just go with me on this)…then, THIS is the shoe collection it would become.

You can view the entire collection HERE. Really. You should probably check it out.

Fairytale Shoe Love Child Gloriousness

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ALL DAY|EVERY DAY: I Heart Your Guts

Awww, how sweet and hopelessly romantic it is – the sentiment of holding someone’s heart.

Holding someone’s ACTUAL heart, however? Um, pass?

I’ll love a girl for her brains, but her gallbladder? Meh. Doesn’t really do it for me. More of a spleen girl myself.

…ok, done now.

ALL DAY|EVERY DAY: I Heart Your Guts

Justine Brooks heart locket | Black Milk Clothing Dem Guts swimsuit | Thinking Cap | Anatomical chocolates | I Heart Guts heart plush | Modcloth heart tray | Anatomical Heart cufflinks 

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GOING|PLACES: Dancing in the Rain


…what I’d wear when I’m, well, going places. Because I am. I’m going places in life. See what I did there?


GOING|PLACES: Dancing in the Rain x Vintage Rain

It’s raining in San Diego.  The first rain of the season.  And, it is glorious.

I LOVE the rain.  For so, so very many reasons, I love the rain.  The way it smells, the way it makes the air all crisp, the way it makes you wanna just get all cozy inside & listen to your carefully curated Edith Piaf playlist & drink hot chocolate…the way it washes my car for free…

and then, there’s playing in the rain.

If you haven’t played in the rain recently, might I suggest you try it.  At the very least, put your face up to the rain. Just close your eyes, tilt your head back, and for 10 seconds, just feel the rain on your face. Feeling a little bolder?  Jump in a puddle. And don’t just toe the edge, really go for it. Get some air on that jump. Because the higher the jump, the bigger the splash, and the happier your inner 8 year old will be…which will make you happier. Do it.


striped raincoat | leopard print scarf | neon beanie | cozy mohair socks | cozy striped sweater | gray skinny jeans | color changing umbrella | chelsea boot wellies

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