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Singaporean embroidery extraordinaire, Izziyama Suhaimi‘s alluring mixed media masterpieces, with their unexpected texture and bold pops of color, are just making my heart all kinds of happy.

You can see more of this lady’s lovely work right…HERE.

via my-bones.tumblr.com


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ON|REPEAT: Great Wall…Art

I love being humbled in a field I’m genuinely passionate about.  Is that weird?  I actually LIKE getting schooled when it comes to art.  It’s about intrepid vulnerability – the willingness to be humbled in a way that betters you.  We get these egos & somewhere along the way, not knowing something became synonymous with weakness.  But when has education ever been a weakness?  To me, art is worth that vulnerability.

This video…humbles me in the best way possible.  It makes me re-evaluate all the work I’ve created in the past, forcing me to ask myself – how can I make it better?  I’m so inspired by the insanely talented artists featured in this video.  Damn, that big, blank wall outside’s looking like it needs some love…



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