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Pleasantly surprised to find these warm weather wants at Forever 21! Stepping it up in the men’s dept, I see.

Yes, they are technically men’s shirts, BUT they come in XS, which means us ladies can wear them too!! I’m thinking the pineapple shirt paired with some khaki shorts & some black leather slip-on sneakers.

Oh, PS: Yeah, they’re all under $20. What?!

forever21_flamingoprintshirt forever21_surfsupslimfitshirt forever21_pineappleprintcottonshirt forever21_tropicprintpocketshirt



Flamingo shirt | Surfs Up shirt | Pineapple shirt | Palm tree shirt


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SPRING|STYLE: The Awesome Blossom

So…a few weeks ago, this happened:


I thought my shirt kind of looked like a curtain.  Turns out, it did.  Whilst on vacation in Hawaii, I was delighted [slightly horrified] to find out that the hotel’s curtain fabric of choice was nearly identical to my shirt fabric of choice! Great minds.

Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on florals. And, just in time, because it’s one of spring’s biggest trends.  Now, we’re not talking about your grandma’s delicate, dainty pastel florals, no, this season it’s all about the vibrant, in-your-face blossom that daringly toes the line between awesome and awful, the kind that’ll make you ask yourself, “Wait…DO these look like curtains?” If your answer is “yes,” then you, my friend, are on the right track.


For more ways to wear bold florals, click HERE.

How would you wear the awesome blossom trend?


Clockwise from top left: Topshop floral check tee | Forever 21 chill out floral tee | J. Crew track pant | BooHoo tapestry skirt | Jeffrey Campbell “Alva” floral loafer | J. Crew merino sweater |  Dolce & Gabbana shoulder bag | Gap floral bomber jacket

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LIKE|THIS: Marvel-ous Leather

…see what I did there? Haha.

LIKE|THIS: Marvel-ous Leather

The trend I’m looking forward to most this fall…has kind of been around too long to really be considered a “new” trend anymore, but it’s ok, I still love it anyway…is LEATHER! Or, faux leather! Whatever floats your boat.

There has, however, been this most delightful shift towards more UNEXPECTED leather.

Unexpected leather?  What does that EVEN mean?

In short, it means: Leather everything.

Leather tees. Leather sweatshirts. Leather skirts. Leather bras. Leather in bright colors. Leather accessories.

It all sounds very S&M. I know.  And believe me, it can be. But, think a little less shine, a little less hardware.

The easiest way to wear this trend is to pick one leather piece (so bold) in a timeless silhouette (not so bold).  It’s the perfect combination of old & new, familiar & scary…one happy, chic medium.

And, because my little geeky heart has the movie taste of a 16 year old boy, I incorporated a second trend: Comic prints.

We’re multi-tasking. Isn’t it lovely?

LIKE|THIS: Marvel-ous Leather x Gentlewoman

H&M Denim jacket | Forever 21 Thor tee | Topshop Faux-leather joggers | Vans slip-on sneakers | C. Wonder Lightning bolt knuckle ring 

LIKE|THIS: Marvel-ous Leather x Lady

Forever 21 Pow necklace | H&M Denim jacket | Comic clutch | River Island Leather panel skater dress | Forever 21 Comic graphic ring | C. Label Striped pump


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COLOR|CRUSH: Atomic Orange

So…the other day, this happened:

COLOR|CRUSH: Atomic Orange x Happened

My obscenely bright water bottle…matched my obscenely bright jacket.  Apparently, I have a new favorite color: Atomic Orange.  Like the sun, it’s bold and bright and oh-so-warm…and I just CAN’T. LOOK. AWAY. Also, like the sun, I’m pretty sure if you stare at it for too long, you’ll start seeing stars.  It kinda makes my heart giddy though, so, of course, I’m smitten.


Forever 21 cutaway blazer | My Secret Agent Lover Man shrimp earrings | MelMuirDesign triangles pillowcase | Kate Spade colorblock handbag | Neon water bottle | AG skinny jean | Eames molded plastic armchair | J.Crew patent wedge | Taren S. Black The Orange Octopus illustration | Equipment two-tone blouse


I’m just gonna leave these right here…

COLOR|CRUSH: Bronze x thumbnail


COLOR|CRUSH: Cobalt x thumbnail


COLOR|CRUSH: Sunshiny Yellow x thumbnail

COLOR|CRUSH: Sunshiny Yellow

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