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LIKE|THIS: Team Zissou

LIKE|THIS: Team Zissou. Always.

submarine necklace | Adidas Zissou sneakers | Team Zissou patch | Vostok Amphibia watch | Guess aviator sunglasses.

LIKE A GENTLEWOMAN: River Island cap | New Look short sleeve shirt | Zara chino trousers.

LIKE A LADY: Agent Ninetynine slouchy cap | Topshop crop top | Zara pleated skirt.


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MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Bill Murray says You're Awesome MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Congrats on your face MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: You are a force to be reckoned with

Hi!  I just wanted to tell you that YOU (yeah, you) made my Monday.  You really did.

What?! How? You ask.

Let me tell you, bud, because it’s quite simple, really…

You’re reading this.

You’re sitting there, with your amazingness just radiating all over the place, & you’re reading this.

I mean, of ALL the things you COULD or should? be doing right now, you’re reading my blog.  And well, that means the world to me.

So, if it feels like “just another Monday” to you…know that it’s not.  Know that, today, without even trying (because you’re just that awesome) YOU made my day. And, I really appreciate you.

Thank you for making me smile!  I hope you have a lovely, lovely day!




One day, I will have a study (because I’m an old man like that) and it will have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a giant globe, a secret room (duh), and, now, one of these portraits.

English portraitist, George Dawe, painted the portraits of some 300+ Russian generals active during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.  A couple hundred years later, Dawe’s portraits are getting a little modern-day, celebrity facelift…courtesy of image manipulator, Steve Payne, and his project, ReplaceFace.

I’m thinking the Morgan Freeman or the Bill Murray will look most excellent above my desk…

Which one would you want?

BEST|PORTRAIT|EVER: ReplaceFace x Morgan Freeman replaceface_BEST|PORTRAIT|EVER: ReplaceFace x Bill Murray BEST|PORTRAIT|EVER: ReplaceFace x David Bowie

via ReplaceFace.tumblr.com


I’m just gonna leave these right here….

FIVE|THINGS: Bill Murray

FIVE|THINGS: Bill Murray

Britain's Sweet Art

Britain’s Sweet Art

KIDULT|STATUS: Oh. My. Bookshelves!

KIDULT|STATUS: Oh. My. Bookshelves!


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FIVE|THINGS: Bill Murray

I mean…it’s Bill Murray.

Enough said.

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