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Well, these hand collar dickeys from the Italian line, Vivetta, made my day.  Always down for fashion with a clever sense of humor.

PS: Dickeys are false shirt fronts, originally designed to be worn with men’s formalwear. So, get yo mind outta the gutter.

modaoperanidi_handcollar modaoperandi_handcollar_all


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WORKIN IT|AJ Rafael x ISAtv “Matchmaker” Music Video


Recently, I had the pleasure of styling AJ Rafael’s latest music video, “Matchmaker“, directed by Jason Poon. The BEST part of my job, no contest, is getting to meet and work with so many insanely creative, ridiculously hard-working people.  Over our 12-hr shoot at YouTube Space LA, I styled some 20 people (4 band members, plus extras) in 4 distinct party looks…and I’m pretty sure I was laughing the whole way through.  Working hard for sure, but laughing all along the way.  THAT is why I love my job.  Everyone involved was down-to-earth and just downright happy to be there. Also, there were donuts. Lots of donuts.  Good people AND donuts? I mean, that right there is a combination destined for a good time.

Playing matchmaker themselves (see what I did there?), ISAtv, who produced the video, introduced me to fellow costume designer, Pei Lynn Juang, my partner-in-crime for the video’s art & costume design team.  Like the multi-talented champ that she is, on the day of the shoot, she ended up in charge of dressing the set….& she killed it.  Check out who this fabulous lady is over on her blog: Have Peitience.

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ALL DAY|EVERY DAY: The Grand Budapest Hotel


There’s a very special place in my heart I have reserved for cherishing whimsical notions such as: Unicorns, macarons, ranunculus, topiary gardens, chiffon…and Wes Anderson.  It’s a magical, candy-colored little place that makes me down right giddy – in an  “It’s so fluffy! I’m gonna die!” kind of way.  Naturally, then, with the release of his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel (as it goes every time he introduces a new film), I become obsessed with every little, quirky, intentional detail.  The images look stunning! I cannot WAIT to see it!!

The Grand Budapest Hotel - TheGrandBudapestHotel - Boxesandboxes TheGrandBudapestHotel_CourtesansAuChocolat2

And then, there’s this gem: How to Make a Courtesan au Chocolat.

A video that teaches you how to make the gorgeous pastries pictured above.  I would not be mad if Wes Anderson’s next project was a cooking show! One can only imagine how delicious and magical and delicious and fantastical that show would be….le sigh.

All images via The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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SPRING|STYLE: The Awesome Blossom

So…a few weeks ago, this happened:


I thought my shirt kind of looked like a curtain.  Turns out, it did.  Whilst on vacation in Hawaii, I was delighted [slightly horrified] to find out that the hotel’s curtain fabric of choice was nearly identical to my shirt fabric of choice! Great minds.

Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on florals. And, just in time, because it’s one of spring’s biggest trends.  Now, we’re not talking about your grandma’s delicate, dainty pastel florals, no, this season it’s all about the vibrant, in-your-face blossom that daringly toes the line between awesome and awful, the kind that’ll make you ask yourself, “Wait…DO these look like curtains?” If your answer is “yes,” then you, my friend, are on the right track.


For more ways to wear bold florals, click HERE.

How would you wear the awesome blossom trend?


Clockwise from top left: Topshop floral check tee | Forever 21 chill out floral tee | J. Crew track pant | BooHoo tapestry skirt | Jeffrey Campbell “Alva” floral loafer | J. Crew merino sweater |  Dolce & Gabbana shoulder bag | Gap floral bomber jacket

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OLDE|SCHOOL: All Hallows’ Eve

Pretty sure (most of) these vintage costumes were not meant to be horribly disturbing…& yet, I am deeply terrified.

Seriously, how did children back then NOT lose their shit? I was getting supremely creeped out just looking at them online. But in person? At dusk?! *shudders*

Halloween is so awesome.

OLDE|SCHOOL: All Hallows' Eve x Jack o lantern OLDE|SCHOOL: All Hallows' Eve x Shrooms OLDE|SCHOOL: All Hallows' Eve x Witch OLDE|SCHOOL: All Hallows' Eve x A Bunny? OLDE|SCHOOL: All Hallows' Eve x Eyes OLDE|SCHOOL: All Hallows' Eve x Human FLy

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GOING|PLACES: Dancing in the Rain


…what I’d wear when I’m, well, going places. Because I am. I’m going places in life. See what I did there?


GOING|PLACES: Dancing in the Rain x Vintage Rain

It’s raining in San Diego.  The first rain of the season.  And, it is glorious.

I LOVE the rain.  For so, so very many reasons, I love the rain.  The way it smells, the way it makes the air all crisp, the way it makes you wanna just get all cozy inside & listen to your carefully curated Edith Piaf playlist & drink hot chocolate…the way it washes my car for free…

and then, there’s playing in the rain.

If you haven’t played in the rain recently, might I suggest you try it.  At the very least, put your face up to the rain. Just close your eyes, tilt your head back, and for 10 seconds, just feel the rain on your face. Feeling a little bolder?  Jump in a puddle. And don’t just toe the edge, really go for it. Get some air on that jump. Because the higher the jump, the bigger the splash, and the happier your inner 8 year old will be…which will make you happier. Do it.


striped raincoat | leopard print scarf | neon beanie | cozy mohair socks | cozy striped sweater | gray skinny jeans | color changing umbrella | chelsea boot wellies

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LIKE|THIS: Marvel-ous Leather

…see what I did there? Haha.

LIKE|THIS: Marvel-ous Leather

The trend I’m looking forward to most this fall…has kind of been around too long to really be considered a “new” trend anymore, but it’s ok, I still love it anyway…is LEATHER! Or, faux leather! Whatever floats your boat.

There has, however, been this most delightful shift towards more UNEXPECTED leather.

Unexpected leather?  What does that EVEN mean?

In short, it means: Leather everything.

Leather tees. Leather sweatshirts. Leather skirts. Leather bras. Leather in bright colors. Leather accessories.

It all sounds very S&M. I know.  And believe me, it can be. But, think a little less shine, a little less hardware.

The easiest way to wear this trend is to pick one leather piece (so bold) in a timeless silhouette (not so bold).  It’s the perfect combination of old & new, familiar & scary…one happy, chic medium.

And, because my little geeky heart has the movie taste of a 16 year old boy, I incorporated a second trend: Comic prints.

We’re multi-tasking. Isn’t it lovely?

LIKE|THIS: Marvel-ous Leather x Gentlewoman

H&M Denim jacket | Forever 21 Thor tee | Topshop Faux-leather joggers | Vans slip-on sneakers | C. Wonder Lightning bolt knuckle ring 

LIKE|THIS: Marvel-ous Leather x Lady

Forever 21 Pow necklace | H&M Denim jacket | Comic clutch | River Island Leather panel skater dress | Forever 21 Comic graphic ring | C. Label Striped pump


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