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Been obsessed with this limited edition screen print from local favorite, The Butcher Press, ever since we put it up at the shop.  Just wanted to share the awesomeness! Sky rockets in flight….


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ON|THE|JOB: Exquisite Weddings Magazine

Back in June, I had the pleasure of styling a shoot for EXQUISITE WEDDINGS Magazine’s FALL/HOLIDAY 2012 issue…

…& it’s here!! Yay!

I couldn’t be more excited to share the images with you!  Not only did I get to work with the ever imaginative (& downright FUN!) team at Exquisite Weddings, I also got to pull some ah-mazing pieces from local favorites: Pigment (North Park), Crow Thief custom menswear (South Park), Iontiveros custom ties (Little Italy),  Mimi & Lu, and Vocabulary Boutique (Little Italy).

We shot on location at the New Children’s Museum (a kidult’s dream!) & I couldn’t be happier with the final looks.  If you look closely, you’ll see some signature Dani details;)

Check out the editorial online here: URBAN CHIC x Exquisite Weddings Magazine

Or, if you wanna see it in print (it’s always better in print), flip through a copy at your neighborhood Target, Walmart, Barnes &  Noble, CVS, or grocery store.

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October 5, 2012 · 10:46 am

SD|LOVE: Pasagraphy’s His & Hers

I’ve been meaning to share local photographer, Chantal Pasag of‘s work with you since…pretty much the first time I met her. On top of being super talented, the girl’s smart, funny, & playful…which I mention not to be creepy, but so you can appreciate how those qualities shine through in her work.

For example, she does this series on her photo blog called “His & Hers” …& it’s fantastic in a “why am I such a hopeless romantic? It’s just too freakin cute!” kind of way…& every bit as smart & playful as she is.

To see more of her work – engagements, portraits, & so much more, visit

And, LIKE her on FB…because, well, you probably would.


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A ridiculously gorgeous Friday in Neverland…sun shining, birds singing, trees shake-shakin it to slightest breeze…le sigh.

The perfect set up to a splendid little weekend!


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My buddy, DANakaDAN‘s been killing it with the music videos lately.  A fantastically entertaining little mix of humor, humility, old school jams, and geek pride – his latest video, LOSER, with Alexander Jung, had me feeling all kinds of nostalgic…and, damn proud of my nerd-status.  So, what I’m sayin is….check it out.

Also, while we’re talking afterschoolspecial…their video for Dreamers, an ah-mazing visual collaboration of YouTube latest & greatest – Ryan Higa, Cathy Nguyen, Aj Rafael, David Choi, Jennifer Chung, Dawen, Paul Dateh, Instant Noodles Crew, and Wong Fu Productions –  is pretty much my favorite.  It’s all about the epicness of 3:24.  And if the song sounds familiar, it’s because I use it as the opening credits for all my ResLo videos. Fun fact.  Enjoy!

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