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MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Do more of what makes you happy MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Leisurely Breakfast MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Slow morning

Mornings are, simultaneously, the worst and best time of day for me. On one hand, nothing soothes my soul more than waking up early enough to have a leisurely breakfast, catch up on some reading, enjoy a cup of coffee in an actual mug not a metal travel mug.  On the other hand…I hate waking up, which, when I think about it, really isn’t a morning-specific hatred. It’s waking up in general that I don’t like.  I’ve got early bird aspirations with the heart of a night owl. It’s quite exhausting actually.

The beauty of a slow morning rests in making enough time to actually stop and enjoy the little things  – the cool, crisp air, daylight creeping over the tops of trees, the calm before the storm…the anticipation of a new day.  Also, there’s the whole getting, like, two extra hours of life in.

A slow morning can make my day. Hitting the snooze button? Mostly, it just buys me an extra fifteen minutes of dread.

Doing things that make me happy – good. Doing things that make me feel anxious & grumpy – bad.

Slow mornings win.

What little change will YOU make to make yourself happier today?

Happy Monday!


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MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Gratitude x Cultivate MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Gratitude x Not Hateful MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Gratitude x Life is Good

Today’s MAKEMOVES|MONDAY is brought to you by the letters:


The other day, I was sitting there, scrolling through my FB newsfeed, scanning the names of new friends, old friends, best friends…& the friends-not-so-much-anymore.  Whenever I got to the name of someone that I usually scroll by EXTRA fast, the name of someone who’d hurt me or wronged me in some way…instead of feeling, well, ANYTHING negative, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all I felt was…


And, damn, that gratitude feels good.

Because every person that has come into (& gone from) my life has either encouraged me or pushed me to be the person I am today.  In hurting me, they forced me to heal, to grow.  Every name on that list of heartbreaks (both platonic and romantic) now represents a point in my life that I got to grow.  Kind of like those doorway growth charts your parents used to keep! Only, instead of “7/9/88 Bobby – 5’1”, it reads “7/9/12 Bobby – Learned to trust his gut”.  There was the one that taught me to trust life’s timing.  And, the one whose indecisiveness reminded me to trust my gut.  And, the one that “got away” taught me that sometimes people come into our lives, only to teach us how to let go.  I could go on, buuuut I won’t. You get the picture.   

This is all very cheesy, and maybe I blame it a little on the gloomy weather & the “rainy day” Pandora playlist I’ve got going on…but, you know what? It’s what I feel.

And the ability to just say what I feel? Well, I definitely have a couple heartbreaks to thank for that.

So, today, let’s just make the decision to be grateful, shall we?

I hope you have the loveliest Monday!

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MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Comfortably Uncomfortable x 3 MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Comfortably Uncomfortable x 1 MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Comfortably Uncomfortable x 2

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to get over something, it just clings to you…like a piece of glitter.  Just when you think you’ve finally completely removed it from your life…BAM! 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years later…there it is. The fucking glitter. Seriously, why? Why is it back?? WHY?!

Been feeling a bit stagnant lately.  As a result, things that I thought I’d already come to terms with are starting to rear their not-so-ugly head again….the fucking glitter.  And, I’ve never been more aware of the fact that the only real way to move on…is to just NOT BE where you are now. It’s so ridiculously simple. But you know how we humans roll. We like to complicate things.

To truly move on, we have to to move forward, but moving forward means making change, and, let’s be real, change can be scary as fuck.

When it comes down to it, what is it that’s really keeping us from moving on – the fear of losing what we had or the fear of losing who we are?

How much easier would it be to move on if we knew that we could let go of something and still be the same person at the end of it all?

Wait, why would you WANT to be the same person at the end of it all?

I think what really keeps us from moving on is the realization that we’ll never be that person again, the fear that we’ll change in a way we won’t like. We’re scared maybe we’ll grow cynical, grow old.  We’re scared we’ll change in a a million ways but the one way we think we should. We convince ourselves that the familiar discomfort of where we are is better than the unfamiliar potential of where we could be.

We get ok with being comfortably uncomfortable. Like I said, we like to complicate things.

The thing is change is going to happen anyway. And clinging to something or someone that we need to let go as a means of avoiding said inevitable change…well, that’s just exhausting.

So, maybe it’s time to just let it go, yeah? Time to stop being comfortable with the uncomfortable, and start being comfortable with the unknown.  It is Monday after all.

Happy Monday!

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MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: A little magic... MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: When we speak of magic... MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Everything you can imagine...

I’m a strong believer in magic.

Not the kind that has strangers on the street pulling quarters out of your ear, or pigeons popping out of pockets.  The magic I’m talking about is the kind that comes from (yeah, I’m really about to say this) from…within.  The kind of magic that allows you to look at everyday things with starry-eyed wonder, that fills your heart with hope and intrigue and joy all at once.

A couple weeks ago, I attended Dapper Day at Disneyland.  And, it. was. magical.  Seriously, it was amazing. In a dark, crowded New Orleans-esque second floor room, I danced to a live swing band with a room full of people from days gone past.  I watched a couple from the 1940’s slow-dance in a deserted plaza.  I tap danced in the puddles.  Basically, I got to live The Notebook.  Is this real life?

Time travel. The Notebook.  Magic.  Somehow, at 28, the “happiest place on earth” is STILL making my wildest dreams come true.  Not because it holds any true magic…but, because I let it.  Because the magic isn’t in the park, it’s…in me.  (Ugh, I’m sorry.  There’s actually no way to say that without sounding cheesy. Also, it’s true.)  And, whether you’re a Disney fan or not, it’s in you too.  If you want it to be.  And, who wouldn’t want a little magic in their life?

The people, places, & things that keep you young at heart? Keepers.

They’re not only your key to unlocking that magic, but the doorstop to keep it open.  Yes, I definitely just called that friend of yours who’s cool enough to actually ride the park swings with you a “doorstop”. I mean it in the best way possible. Haha.

So, go on. Have a magical Monday, my friends!

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MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Don't give up what you want most MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: At the Centre of your being...

MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: You're doing something right

Today’s MAKEMOVES|MONDAY is about WANT versus, well, want.

Recently, there was something that I wanted.  And, I’ve wanted it for a while.  And, like most people, I don’t like it when I can’t get what I want.  And, I may have freaked out a little because then I was like,” What if this means I won’t get other things that I want, like things that I want more? Like, say, the life I’ve always dreamed of.” Oh yeah, I went there. In like 3 seconds flat. Because I’m an over-thinker like that….

…and then I laughed at myself, which is pretty much the best way to clear your head & get a little perspective.

The fact is…you really can’t get everything want.  Duh. But, that’s ok.  Because, maybe, not getting what we want NOW allows us to get what we want MOST.

It’s kind of like going to Target to buy toilet paper.

There will be distractions, temptations.  You find yourself just meandering about, putting things in your basket you have no business buying.  Before you know it, you’ve spent $75 on things you don’t need…& you definitely forgot to buy the toilet paper.

So, what I’m saying is that Target is like life. Yeah, I said it. 

If you get caught up in getting EVERYTHING you want, you end up losing focus on the things you want most. All the other stuff doesn’t change the fact that you still…need toilet paper.

So, next time you don’t get something you want, just, you know, remember the toilet paper.  

Happy happy Monday!

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MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Bill Murray says You're Awesome MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Congrats on your face MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: You are a force to be reckoned with

Hi!  I just wanted to tell you that YOU (yeah, you) made my Monday.  You really did.

What?! How? You ask.

Let me tell you, bud, because it’s quite simple, really…

You’re reading this.

You’re sitting there, with your amazingness just radiating all over the place, & you’re reading this.

I mean, of ALL the things you COULD or should? be doing right now, you’re reading my blog.  And well, that means the world to me.

So, if it feels like “just another Monday” to you…know that it’s not.  Know that, today, without even trying (because you’re just that awesome) YOU made my day. And, I really appreciate you.

Thank you for making me smile!  I hope you have a lovely, lovely day!




MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Comparison is the thief of joy MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Don't compare your beginning...MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Don't compare, just do your thing...


This MAKEMOVES|MONDAY is brought to you by the word: COMPARISON.

Pretty much one of the most dangerous (1,2,3,4…) 10-letter words out there.

We’re all guilty of doing it.  It just comes so naturally. You see someone with something you want, and you think, ” Well, why can’t I have it too?” You’re a good person. You work hard. You want it just as much, if not more. You are…a million things, but one: You’re not that person.

You’ve lived a completely different life from that person, gone through completely different experiences, made completely different choices…how could you expect the outcome to be EXACTLY the same?

Beyond comparing apples to oranges (which are actually pretty similar things if you think about it), you’re comparing one lifetime of choices to another. That’s like picking two completely different & random books, comparing them page by page, and expecting the words to line up the same. Not gonna happen. And, kind of a REALLY big waste of time.

Soooo, you should probably just, you know, stop comparing yourself to others.

Free your mind, friend.  Just do your thang, trust your path, & if there’s something you want THAT bad, fuck, work tirelessly, doing everything you can to get it.  If you’re doing that, you won’t have time to compare. And, you’ll be so much happier for it:)

Happy Monday!