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LIFE IS SWEET|Carte Noire Dessert Porn


It’s Friday. Time to relax your mind. Indulge your senses.  Gratify your insatiable appetite…for dessert. Duh.

French coffee company, Carte Noire, knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they shared these titillating dessert instructionals with the world.  Creating joy, that’s what.  Sweet, delectable joy.



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LIFE IS SWEET| BrewWell Toast & Jam


I was recently introduced to BrewWell, a little sparkling gem of a coffee shop in Koreatown.  The baristas are adorable, the customers are friendly, the pour overs are tasty – but what’s got me all weak in the knees might surprise you a little. You ready for this? I am addicted to their (drumroll please)…toast & jam.  (Ah! SO simple, I know!) Now, I’m not talking about crumbly, dry slices of Wonderbread, soggy with Welch’s grape jelly (although there IS a time & place for that too…called My Childhood).   No, no, I’m talking about thick slices of pillow soft bread with blackberry-ginger jam and a healthy slather of soft butter.  You’re basically biting into a warm cloud. A warm, buttery, gingery, sweet cloud that’s toasted just enough to give a little crunch, but not so much it’s going to scrape up the roof of your mouth.  I want some now.

It really IS the simplest thing that bring me the most joy!

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Meet ResLo’s newest (& most delicious) series: Life is Sweet!  

I’m the friend that always gets assigned dessert duty.  I am 100% ok with this.  My knowledge of wine is embarrassingly limited. But, dessert? Guuurl, I got this.  

My life is only slightly (completely) controlled by my massive sweet tooth: I ALWAYS have room for dessert.  I live for the little chocolates hotels leave after turning down my bed.  I crave donuts every day of my life.  About 90% of my pins on Pinterest are of sweets, desserts, cakes, donuts, donuts, donuts….Don’t EVEN get me started on chocolate.  

In all their cheerful, sugary glory, they make me happy. So, naturally, I want to share some of that happiness with you!

Bon apétit!



I have a very special place in my heart (& stomach. Duh.) for donuts. They’re fried and delicious and…yay, rainbow sprinkles! I’ve had an unhealthy love for them for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it’s nostalgia that makes them so near & dear to my heart.  Growing up, if my Sunday started with the Comics section and a grease stained, bubblegum pink cardboard box, it was going to be a good week.  Also, long story super short, there was this one time in Portland when VooDoo donuts kinda saved my life.  Like I said, near & dear.

When it comes to donuts, I’m a traditionalist.  Chocolate glazed and maple bars are my standard.

What’s your go-to donut flavor?

lifeissweet_donutoclock lifeissweet_donuts_makistrunc lifeissweet_donuts_voodoo
lifeissweet_donut_knowyourdonut lifeissweet_donuts_macarons

via donut clock (unknown) | rainbow donut (unknown) | Know Your Donut illustration (unknown) | Donut photography by Maki Strunc | VooDoo donuts (unknown| Donut Macarons

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