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Well, these hand collar dickeys from the Italian line, Vivetta, made my day.  Always down for fashion with a clever sense of humor.

PS: Dickeys are false shirt fronts, originally designed to be worn with men’s formalwear. So, get yo mind outta the gutter.

modaoperanidi_handcollar modaoperandi_handcollar_all


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COLOR|CRUSH: Atomic Orange

So…the other day, this happened:

COLOR|CRUSH: Atomic Orange x Happened

My obscenely bright water bottle…matched my obscenely bright jacket.  Apparently, I have a new favorite color: Atomic Orange.  Like the sun, it’s bold and bright and oh-so-warm…and I just CAN’T. LOOK. AWAY. Also, like the sun, I’m pretty sure if you stare at it for too long, you’ll start seeing stars.  It kinda makes my heart giddy though, so, of course, I’m smitten.


Forever 21 cutaway blazer | My Secret Agent Lover Man shrimp earrings | MelMuirDesign triangles pillowcase | Kate Spade colorblock handbag | Neon water bottle | AG skinny jean | Eames molded plastic armchair | J.Crew patent wedge | Taren S. Black The Orange Octopus illustration | Equipment two-tone blouse


I’m just gonna leave these right here…

COLOR|CRUSH: Bronze x thumbnail


COLOR|CRUSH: Cobalt x thumbnail


COLOR|CRUSH: Sunshiny Yellow x thumbnail

COLOR|CRUSH: Sunshiny Yellow

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Suddenly 3rd place ain’t looking so bad.

Finding myself kind of, really in love with bronze.

A new neutral in the most unexpected way!

via lamp|sweater|necklace|blazer|artwork|clutch|boots|skirt|pants.

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COLOR|CRUSH: Sunshiny Yellow

So. Bright. So. Cheerful. A most optimistic color, indeed.

Not to be confused with its more laid-back relative, Mellow Yellow, or worldly counterpart, Saffron.

Nope, Sunshiny Yellow’s keepin it simple. Just pure, unadulterated…feel-good vibes.

Soak it in, my friends.

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COLOR|CRUSH: Robin’s Egg

Bright, obnoxiously cheerful, yet…surprisingly soothing – like a glorious ray of sunshine on a brutally hungover morn.

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Because I like my fall colors like I like my women…

warm with a little…spice?

Yeah, I don’t know where I’m going with that.

Completely falling for this color right now.

Hehe. Fall.

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COLOR|CRUSH: Cobalt Blue

I find myself digging cobalt blue more & more, which is kinda funny because I spent half of junior high & all of high school hating the color blue.  I think  the thing was EVERYONE wore blue & I couldn’t stand the idea of being like everyone else, being average.  For years, the only blue articles of clothing I owned were jeans.  Guess it’s finally time to end my random psychological aversions towards certain primary colors. oh man, there’s no way to make that sentence sound any cooler. haha.

Silk top via; Clutch via; Splendid printed tank; Dress via; Blue Kennis platform wedges; Cropped jeans via; Ring via; Anthropologie pillow.

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