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This man’s Khaleesi, the moon of his life…is an actual moon.

In his on-going project “Private Moon“, Russian artist Leonid Tishkov shares his quiet love affair with the ever enchanting moon, an illuminated human-sized crescent.   Traveling the world with his Lady Moon, Tishkov tells a most romantic tale of whimsy and wanderlust. Heart strings pulled.

You can view all the “Private Moon” images HERE.

leonidtishkov_aquarium leonidtishkov_attic leonidtishkov_cityscape leonidtishkov_onaboat


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SO|THIS|EXISTS: HelvetiCandy Typeface

Clever design & candy…I mean, does it GET any better than this?

London-based designer, Samuel Carter Mensah (who I shall here on out refer to as the Willy Wonka of Words) is the mastermind behind this most delectable, most mouth-watering, most “I just wanna eat it all until my stomach hurts and then sugar high, and then sugar crash, and then realize I make bad grown-up decisions, and then not care and eat more candy” typeface.

So, I thank you, oh Willy Wonka of Words.  My sweet tooth has now been taken to a whole new level.

You can download HelvetiCandy for FREE!!! at

SO|THIS|EXISTS: HelvetiCandy x Best Ever

SO|THIS|EXISTS: HelvetiCandy x CLoseUp

SO|THIS|EXISTS: HelvetiCandy x &



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Dear Mr. Burton (Tim?),

You have a dark & twisty mind, and it is truly delightful.

Respectfully yours,

I am not-so-dark & only slightly twisty, but I’ll love you forever for sharing your wondrous & whimsical world.

PS: Your artwork is every bit as horrifically charming as one would hope & could only attempt to imagine.

tbca_edsciss tbca_beetlejuice tbca_moonman tbca_penguin

Tim Burton artwork via


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OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers

OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers x One

Last spring, I saw the best meteor shower of my life.  And, during that meteor shower, I saw the best shooting star of my life.

Posted up in the bed of a pickup truck, in the middle of nowhere, wrapped in the familiar warmth of one of those rectangular sleeping bags, my friend and I, basically, had our mind’s blown.  This shooting star was so big & lasted SO long! …that’s what she said. You could actually make your wish while still watching it! Pre-tty amazing.

Stargazing is one of my favorite hobbies.  I’m that girl that STILL makes a wish on the first star of the night.  So much in my life has changed, but those stars have always been there.  Proof that, no matter what happens, no matter how cray your day gets, no matter who comes (or goes) in your life, those stars are always going to be there.  They got you.

I find solace in their silent, unassuming magic.

What’s the best shooting star YOU’VE ever seen?

OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers x 2 OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers x 3 OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers x 4

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One day, I will have a study (because I’m an old man like that) and it will have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a giant globe, a secret room (duh), and, now, one of these portraits.

English portraitist, George Dawe, painted the portraits of some 300+ Russian generals active during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia.  A couple hundred years later, Dawe’s portraits are getting a little modern-day, celebrity facelift…courtesy of image manipulator, Steve Payne, and his project, ReplaceFace.

I’m thinking the Morgan Freeman or the Bill Murray will look most excellent above my desk…

Which one would you want?

BEST|PORTRAIT|EVER: ReplaceFace x Morgan Freeman replaceface_BEST|PORTRAIT|EVER: ReplaceFace x Bill Murray BEST|PORTRAIT|EVER: ReplaceFace x David Bowie



I’m just gonna leave these right here….

FIVE|THINGS: Bill Murray

FIVE|THINGS: Bill Murray

Britain's Sweet Art

Britain’s Sweet Art

KIDULT|STATUS: Oh. My. Bookshelves!

KIDULT|STATUS: Oh. My. Bookshelves!


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Been obsessed with this limited edition screen print from local favorite, The Butcher Press, ever since we put it up at the shop.  Just wanted to share the awesomeness! Sky rockets in flight….


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Singaporean embroidery extraordinaire, Izziyama Suhaimi‘s alluring mixed media masterpieces, with their unexpected texture and bold pops of color, are just making my heart all kinds of happy.

You can see more of this lady’s lovely work right…HERE.


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