dkstylist_homepagepic_limegreen_hashmarksWhy, hello!

I’m Dani, a freelance wardrobe stylist with an affinity for clever design, genuine style, & the classically eclectic. And, bad word puns. Also…zombies.

I’ve been told I’m Ron Swonson trapped inside Harry Styles, trapped inside an Asian girl’s body…which basically means: I’m a sucker for DIYs, good whisky, and androgynous style.

So glad you stopped by!

For business/blog/styling inquiries or to just shoot the breeze a bit, email: ResonateLocal@gmail.com


STYLING PORTFOLIO//www.DKstylist.com



FB//www.facebook.com/resonatelocal (are you sensing a pattern? haha.)


20 responses to “ABOUT|Dani

  1. misty.dawn

    ok. so i love you more and more. dani.dan- you’re blog is really NICE. ; ) please take resonate.local on tour…to the northwest. now. well…not right now. but soon. like monday or something. 🙂

  2. PyR0

    CRAZINESS, i clicked on links u posted on facebook a few times, i did NOT know this was your site!!!! this is dope!! keep doing whut ur doing!!

  3. stash

    Dani! Your site is awesome! I always find a smile on here, that’s for sure. Keep on Keepin on lady! Sendin much love your way!

  4. Nick Chowda

    You make me smile…. on the inside……. I swear I’m smiling……….. Oh ok you cuaght me…. I was really laughing but smiling is like foreplay for laughing so laughing is better anyway.

  5. Hi! So, you commented on my blog a while back, and I’ve been stalking yours a good bit recently. I’m starting a new Tuesday Reads for my blog, in which I highlight another blogger–I want to use yours, and was wondering if you would like to be interviewed? 🙂

  6. You’re awesome. I’d love to do an interview! Let me know what you need from me, k? BTW, I’m completely loving fire engine red hair too these days…maybe because it reminds me of the Little Mermaid?

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  8. I’m new to wordpress… I like the vibe of your blog… what do you think about ecofashion?

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  10. Hi Dani! I stumbled across your blog and your mention of my dog & kitty art in a December post. Thank you for the paw-sitive review! You’ve got all tails wagging over here with your blog & I’m signing up today so I can keep current on what spins your creative wheels. Thanks again!

  11. Guess I was writing with my paws because I spelled my own name wrong…

  12. I’m proud of you buddy, always! 🙂

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