LIFE IS SWEET| BrewWell Toast & Jam


I was recently introduced to BrewWell, a little sparkling gem of a coffee shop in Koreatown.  The baristas are adorable, the customers are friendly, the pour overs are tasty – but what’s got me all weak in the knees might surprise you a little. You ready for this? I am addicted to their (drumroll please)…toast & jam.  (Ah! SO simple, I know!) Now, I’m not talking about crumbly, dry slices of Wonderbread, soggy with Welch’s grape jelly (although there IS a time & place for that too…called My Childhood).   No, no, I’m talking about thick slices of pillow soft bread with blackberry-ginger jam and a healthy slather of soft butter.  You’re basically biting into a warm cloud. A warm, buttery, gingery, sweet cloud that’s toasted just enough to give a little crunch, but not so much it’s going to scrape up the roof of your mouth.  I want some now.

It really IS the simplest thing that bring me the most joy!


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  1. Wifey

    Omg- that sounds decadent and simply delicious. I want some!!!

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