Meet ResLo’s newest (& most delicious) series: Life is Sweet!  

I’m the friend that always gets assigned dessert duty.  I am 100% ok with this.  My knowledge of wine is embarrassingly limited. But, dessert? Guuurl, I got this.  

My life is only slightly (completely) controlled by my massive sweet tooth: I ALWAYS have room for dessert.  I live for the little chocolates hotels leave after turning down my bed.  I crave donuts every day of my life.  About 90% of my pins on Pinterest are of sweets, desserts, cakes, donuts, donuts, donuts….Don’t EVEN get me started on chocolate.  

In all their cheerful, sugary glory, they make me happy. So, naturally, I want to share some of that happiness with you!

Bon apétit!



I have a very special place in my heart (& stomach. Duh.) for donuts. They’re fried and delicious and…yay, rainbow sprinkles! I’ve had an unhealthy love for them for as long as I can remember. Perhaps it’s nostalgia that makes them so near & dear to my heart.  Growing up, if my Sunday started with the Comics section and a grease stained, bubblegum pink cardboard box, it was going to be a good week.  Also, long story super short, there was this one time in Portland when VooDoo donuts kinda saved my life.  Like I said, near & dear.

When it comes to donuts, I’m a traditionalist.  Chocolate glazed and maple bars are my standard.

What’s your go-to donut flavor?

lifeissweet_donutoclock lifeissweet_donuts_makistrunc lifeissweet_donuts_voodoo
lifeissweet_donut_knowyourdonut lifeissweet_donuts_macarons

via donut clock (unknown) | rainbow donut (unknown) | Know Your Donut illustration (unknown) | Donut photography by Maki Strunc | VooDoo donuts (unknown| Donut Macarons


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