LIKE|THIS: Cheeky Prints

LIKE|THIS: Cheeky Prints

I’m  a strong believer in wearing things that, if nothing else, just makes you happy.  It’s your little bit of awesome for the day, right? And, this is why I’m a sucker for cheeky prints.  They’re bold and, yeah, they’re a little obnoxious…but they’re also amusing and completely charming. Like I said, cheeky.

So, whether it’s bold hearts or gold-foiled dinosaurs, donuts (yes, I’ve seen donut print) or flamingoes, if it makes you smile, that’s reason enough to wear it!

As always, the easiest way to wear something seemingly unwearable, is to pick a familiar, classic silhouette.  Maybe you’re not sure how to wear a big heart print? But, you know what you DO know how to wear? A v-neck sweater. Start there. You’ll be just fine.

What would your dream cheeky print be?

LIKE|THIS: Cheeky Prints x Lady

LIKE A LADY: Heart print dress | Vince ribbed cardigan | Target infinity scarf | Kendra Scott druzy earrings | Madewell lovelock tote | Forever 21 classic tights | Acne pistol ankle boot

LIKE|THIS: Cheeky Prints x Gentlewoman

LIKE A GENTLEWOMAN: Burberry Prorsum heart sweater | Madewell chambray shirt | Meredith Wendell leather belt | Nick Bronson knit tie | N.D.C. chelsea boots



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