MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Do more of what makes you happy MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Leisurely Breakfast MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Slow morning

Mornings are, simultaneously, the worst and best time of day for me. On one hand, nothing soothes my soul more than waking up early enough to have a leisurely breakfast, catch up on some reading, enjoy a cup of coffee in an actual mug not a metal travel mug.  On the other hand…I hate waking up, which, when I think about it, really isn’t a morning-specific hatred. It’s waking up in general that I don’t like.  I’ve got early bird aspirations with the heart of a night owl. It’s quite exhausting actually.

The beauty of a slow morning rests in making enough time to actually stop and enjoy the little things  – the cool, crisp air, daylight creeping over the tops of trees, the calm before the storm…the anticipation of a new day.  Also, there’s the whole getting, like, two extra hours of life in.

A slow morning can make my day. Hitting the snooze button? Mostly, it just buys me an extra fifteen minutes of dread.

Doing things that make me happy – good. Doing things that make me feel anxious & grumpy – bad.

Slow mornings win.

What little change will YOU make to make yourself happier today?

Happy Monday!


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