ALL DAY|EVERY DAY: Pillows & More Pillows

Um, can we just talk about all this pillow amazingness?

BSG, sushi, ice cream sandwiches! It’s all my favorite things in nap time form! So good. So comfy. So completely geeky & unnecessary.

So, naturally…I want. The ginormous cat face? Yeah, not so much. Because it’s not creepy in the slightest.

ALL DAY|EVERY DAY: Pillows & More Pillows

video game cartridge pillow | french bulldog pillow | london skyline pillow | sushi pillow | wood log pillow | cylon raider pillow | scary ginormous cat head pillow


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One response to “ALL DAY|EVERY DAY: Pillows & More Pillows

  1. I would like the log, the ice cream sandwich, and the nintendo cartridges please!

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