MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Gratitude x Cultivate MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Gratitude x Not Hateful MAKEMOVES|MONDAY: Gratitude x Life is Good

Today’s MAKEMOVES|MONDAY is brought to you by the letters:


The other day, I was sitting there, scrolling through my FB newsfeed, scanning the names of new friends, old friends, best friends…& the friends-not-so-much-anymore.  Whenever I got to the name of someone that I usually scroll by EXTRA fast, the name of someone who’d hurt me or wronged me in some way…instead of feeling, well, ANYTHING negative, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all I felt was…


And, damn, that gratitude feels good.

Because every person that has come into (& gone from) my life has either encouraged me or pushed me to be the person I am today.  In hurting me, they forced me to heal, to grow.  Every name on that list of heartbreaks (both platonic and romantic) now represents a point in my life that I got to grow.  Kind of like those doorway growth charts your parents used to keep! Only, instead of “7/9/88 Bobby – 5’1”, it reads “7/9/12 Bobby – Learned to trust his gut”.  There was the one that taught me to trust life’s timing.  And, the one whose indecisiveness reminded me to trust my gut.  And, the one that “got away” taught me that sometimes people come into our lives, only to teach us how to let go.  I could go on, buuuut I won’t. You get the picture.   

This is all very cheesy, and maybe I blame it a little on the gloomy weather & the “rainy day” Pandora playlist I’ve got going on…but, you know what? It’s what I feel.

And the ability to just say what I feel? Well, I definitely have a couple heartbreaks to thank for that.

So, today, let’s just make the decision to be grateful, shall we?

I hope you have the loveliest Monday!


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