Fairytale Love Child Cheekiness

The other day, I came across something that made the 8 year old in me gasp with delight.  I was not cool.  I was not collected. I straight up squealed…in public…so, that happened and was just as awkward as you would imagine.

Now, some of you won’t really get what the big deal is…they’re just shoes.  But some of you will know EXACTLY why my inner 8 year old fangirled. A lot.

This fall,  shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia, introduced her “Once Upon a Time” collection.  Basically, if your love for shoes had a glorious little baby with your love for fairy tales, and that baby grew up to be a cheeky, yet charming, shoe collection (just go with me on this)…then, THIS is the shoe collection it would become.

You can view the entire collection HERE. Really. You should probably check it out.

Fairytale Shoe Love Child Gloriousness


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