GOING|PLACES: Dancing in the Rain


…what I’d wear when I’m, well, going places. Because I am. I’m going places in life. See what I did there?


GOING|PLACES: Dancing in the Rain x Vintage Rain

It’s raining in San Diego.  The first rain of the season.  And, it is glorious.

I LOVE the rain.  For so, so very many reasons, I love the rain.  The way it smells, the way it makes the air all crisp, the way it makes you wanna just get all cozy inside & listen to your carefully curated Edith Piaf playlist & drink hot chocolate…the way it washes my car for free…

and then, there’s playing in the rain.

If you haven’t played in the rain recently, might I suggest you try it.  At the very least, put your face up to the rain. Just close your eyes, tilt your head back, and for 10 seconds, just feel the rain on your face. Feeling a little bolder?  Jump in a puddle. And don’t just toe the edge, really go for it. Get some air on that jump. Because the higher the jump, the bigger the splash, and the happier your inner 8 year old will be…which will make you happier. Do it.


striped raincoat | leopard print scarf | neon beanie | cozy mohair socks | cozy striped sweater | gray skinny jeans | color changing umbrella | chelsea boot wellies


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