LIKE|THIS: So Berry Monochromatic

LIKE|THIS: So Berry Monochromatic

I’ve always been a fan of a well-executed monochromatic look.  And, I don’t just mean head-to-toe black on black.

I’m talking about some berry on plum on raspberry action.  Or, maybe a little navy on teal on aqua.

Whenever I see someone who can successfully pull this off, my first thought is: Wow, they have such a great understanding of color.

Thought #2: They must’ve had the 200 count box of Crayolas growing up. Truth.

When putting together a monochromatic look, the goal is a little less “Veruca Salt after she got to the dessert course of the gum” and little more “so pretty, can’t look away”.

The key is to play with hues & textures. While hues (varying lightness and darkness of a single color) add depth to the look, textures break up the monotony of an otherwise flat look.

LIKE|THIS: So Berry Monochromatic x Gentlewoman

satin baseball jacket | cap-sleeve shirt | dusty pink trousers | converse all-stars | watch

LIKE|THIS: So Berry Monochromatic x Lady

raspberry silk turban headband | sweatershirt | pleat leather skirt | rocco satchel purse | 14k batman ring | stud bangle | watch | leopard pumps


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