Dear Mr. Burton (Tim?),

You have a dark & twisty mind, and it is truly delightful.

Respectfully yours,

I am not-so-dark & only slightly twisty, but I’ll love you forever for sharing your wondrous & whimsical world.

PS: Your artwork is every bit as horrifically charming as one would hope & could only attempt to imagine.

tbca_edsciss tbca_beetlejuice tbca_moonman tbca_penguin

Tim Burton artwork via artoftimburton.tumblr.com



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2 responses to “A DARK&TWISTY LOVENOTE

  1. Have you read his “Children’s” book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Tales?


    It’s a superb read. I love his artwork, don’t really care for his movies.

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