OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers

OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers x One

Last spring, I saw the best meteor shower of my life.  And, during that meteor shower, I saw the best shooting star of my life.

Posted up in the bed of a pickup truck, in the middle of nowhere, wrapped in the familiar warmth of one of those rectangular sleeping bags, my friend and I, basically, had our mind’s blown.  This shooting star was so big & lasted SO long! …that’s what she said. You could actually make your wish while still watching it! Pre-tty amazing.

Stargazing is one of my favorite hobbies.  I’m that girl that STILL makes a wish on the first star of the night.  So much in my life has changed, but those stars have always been there.  Proof that, no matter what happens, no matter how cray your day gets, no matter who comes (or goes) in your life, those stars are always going to be there.  They got you.

I find solace in their silent, unassuming magic.

What’s the best shooting star YOU’VE ever seen?

OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers x 2 OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers x 3 OLDE|SCHOOL: The Stargazers x 4


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