No matter how old I get, dinosaurs just never get any less cool.

I mean, Little Foot? Land of the Lost? The Flintstones? Ugh, so many reasons to love them.

There’s a huge part of me that still longs to wear those matchy-match dino-print thermal PJs every night. But alas, like most awesome childhood obsessions from my past, they do not make them in “grown up” sizes.

Instead, I’ll obsess over these more grown-up friendly dino delights.

PS: Who remembers that most enjoyable, but completely creepy, show “Dinosaurs”? The entire time I put this post together, all I could think about was…”I’m the baby, gotta love me”!  Aaand, now it’s definitely stuck in my head.


T-Rex Memo Organizer | Dino-print Blouse | T-Rex Cufflinks | Brunch-osaurus Salt & Pepper Shakers | Dinosaurus Phone Case | Dino Silk Scarf | Brontosaurus Plant Holder | Dino Corn Holders | Dino Skeleton Necklace | Dino Print Sweatshirt


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