LIKE|THIS: Intarsia Sweaters

Intar…what?  Intarsia.

Could you use it in a sentence? Sure.

The awesomeness that is this little Frenchie sweater is called an INTARSIA sweater.

Can I have the definition?  But, of course.

It’s a knitting technique, derived from wood-working, that involves using multiple colors of yarn to create multicolored pictures or patterns.

BASICALLY, it’s a sweater puzzle.

And, it’s pretty much the hottest trend for sweaters this winter.

…which makes my little geeky heart very happy.

So, if you don’t know, now you know. Intarsia. Go impress someone with that tasty nugget.

Frenchie intarsia sweater. LIKE A LADY: earrings|shirt|skirt|clutch|heels. LIKE A GENTLEWOMAN: shirt|vest|jeans|boots.


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One response to “LIKE|THIS: Intarsia Sweaters

  1. I didn’t know that word before but it applies perfectly to sweaters! Xx

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