What a full, complete few weeks it’s been!

Worth it.

You know why? Not to get all Kanye on you, but…It feels really good to sit here and say that I’m really proud of the person that I’m becoming.

I learned that I’m the kind of person that can fall down the rabbit hole…& find my way out.

It can be a rough thing to go through, but a REALLY great thing to learn about yourself.

I got this.

So, today, because I’m feeling all kinds of happy/silly which truly is a MOST fortunate combination of emotions to be feeling…

and, because, well, Beyonce is hot…

I’m dancing to cheesy LADY SWAG songs while I work.  Judge away. 

Shake shake it.  You know you want to.  It’s good for zee soul!

Happy Monday!

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2 responses to “MAKEMOVES|MONDAY

  1. Love the Making Moves Mondays concept! After witnessing Beyonce in all her glory yesterday, this is awesome!

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