It’s, technically, OFFICIALLY Fall. Yaaay!

…which means crisp, cool air, nostalgic holidays, and pumpkin…everything.

But just because temperatures are starting to drop-it-drop-it-low, it doesn’t mean you have to pack away your favorite summer wardrobe staples.  Guess what? With the magic of smart layering, summer pieces, like that maxi skirt, can actually stay in rotation…all. year. round.  Exciting, I know.

The key to transitioning maxi skirts throughout the seasons is to be mindful of PROPORTION.  Bag lady chic is NOT “in” this season or ever.  Balance out a voluminous skirt with fitted tops and cropped jackets.  Lightweight sweaters in natural fibers will keep you warm without adding a lot of bulk. We all know what happens when your sweater’s waaay to thick for your jacket, right? Awkward, stiff arms…all Tin Man-like.  Not hot.

Starter Kit: skirt|belt|tank. Fall: tee|sweater|boots. Winter: jacket|hat|boots.


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