Hey, guess what?!

I’m back.

I know, I know…it’s been almost 2 months.  This summer was an interesting one. Amazing & educational on so SO many levels.  So, let’s just chalk my absence up to “research” for future MAKEMOVES|MONDAYS to come:)

Leeet’s get started, shall we?


Not all who wander are lost…

…but it’s ok if you are.

We all get lost sometimes.

Sometimes, it’s just a little “stumble off the path & you’re able to jump right back” kind of lost.

Sometimes, it’s this big “Blair Witch mind fuck” kind of lost – where, no matter what you do, you always seem to end up right back where you started.  And, no matter how hard you try to find your way…you just don’t.  Also, maybe, there are weird rock piles & questionable jelly matter. I digress.

That feeling of being lost is frustrating, disheartening, so brutal on the self-esteem…but there IS beauty in being lost.  More importantly, there’s OPPORTUNITY in being lost.

The opportunity to discover new things, embark on unexpected adventures…find yourself?

Being lost has nothing to do with the destination, because let’s be real, if you knew what that was, you wouldn’t be lost, and EVERYTHING to do with the journey.  Don’t worry so much about “being” lost, let yourself EXPERIENCE it.

Exhibit A – Creepy, foggy path picture above.

You look towards the end of the path & what do you see? Scary, foggy path. The kind you’ve seen in horror films & it just never ends well.  But, guess what? Life’s scary & unknown…so, proceed.  Because you have to.  Only instead of focusing on that creepy unknown end, just keep walking, moving forward. Observe how green the grass is, how that cool mist feels on your face, how old the wood fence is…&, oh hey, look, you made it!

The trick is this: You just (cue: George Michael & his supermodel lady friends) gotta have faith.

Trust you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be (wherever that is) & that you’ll find your way.

…because you will.  You’ll find it when you stop looking for it. 

Happy happy Monday!

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  1. Lisa P

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!

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