This MM|M is gonna be a short one.

To the point.  Efficient.

…because, you get tired off the bull shit, sometimes, &  just want the Cliff Notes version.

So, here it is:

Get. That.

Dirt. Off. Your. Shoulder.

We can go on & on about the things that affect us more than we’d like…but, when it comes down to it, at some point….it’s as simple as that.


Brush it off.

Move on.

Have a lovely, lovely day, my friend.




2 responses to “MAKEMOVES|MONDAY-ish

  1. Nick Chowda

    My pops would give me the same advice everytime I was letting some problem linger in my head or in my life. His advice was simple. I would explain what happened and he would point his thumb back over his shoulder to the empty space behind him and say “Smoke over the shoulder”. Whenever he says this I envision being involved in a high speed car chase, ending in a gigantic shoot with cars mangled and bursting into flames. Being the only survivor I stagger away. Yeah some shit just went down but I can’t look back. There is nothing to see here…. It’s just “Smoke over the shoulder”.

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