For at least a decade and a half now, I’ve had the same dream….and, for whatever reason FEAR!, I haven’t really tried that hard to make it a reality. I keep brushing it aside. Psyching myself out. Convincing myself that, although it’s the only thing in my heart I’ve ever wanted that bad for that long, it’s just….a silly, little dream.

But it’s not. It’s a big dream. And it scares the shit out of me because it’s so freakin big, and my heart wants it so much.

After all these years of trying to downplay it, I still want it. And, I never want ANYTHING for this long. If anything, I only want it more. Nothing’s ever felt more right or more sure…so, what the fuck am I doing?

I’m making it happen. Finally. THAT’S what I’m doing. I’m listening solely to my heart. It actually knows what it wants. It’s fearless, persistant.

I’m hitting mute on the incessant, fear-driven chatter in my head.

…can you hear that? No shrill ringing of fear or loud clanging of doubt…just the gentle, constant beating of a heart with purpose.

Let’s do this.

Happy Monday!

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3 responses to “MAKEMOVES|MONDAY

  1. Jeremy

    Well said! Just what I needed today! Xoxo

  2. Sandra

    Go for your dreams – and be yourself. NOBODY does it better!

  3. Awesome! Let’s DO this!

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