LIKE|THIS: Colorful Shorts

I’m a big fan of colored jeans….like, a BIG fan.

And what with that sun sunshining a little stronger these days, it seems only natural that I’d want to keep the colored pants party going…with some colorful shorts.

There’s no real science to wearing colorful shorts. Just pick a color that makes you happy & make sure the fit’s not offending anyone (ie: keep it classy, folks). Throw on a neutral, striped, or denim/chambray shirt and you’re good to go!

via LIKE A GIRL: vest|top|shorts|shoes|sunnies|ring|purse. LIKE A BOY: shirt|shorts|shoes|hat|glasses|backpack.


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One response to “LIKE|THIS: Colorful Shorts

  1. so so cute 🙂 ❤ now to pick my color!

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