So, I feel like for the first time, in a loooong time, I can breathe easy, think clearly…thrive happily.  For many reasons and maybe no REAL reason at all, life just felt…exhausting.  There were definitely those days when I was like,” You know what? I think I’m fucking done right now.  Slip me one of Huxley’s little happy time soma pills and let’s call it a day.”

But then, one day, I was sitting in my room, just watching the sun slowly set, and I realized I was feeling something different…relief, gratitude…holy shit, I made it through.  I’m ok.

More than ok.

Why do we expect personal growth to be easy & painless?  They’re called “growing pains” for a reason.  I mean, when it’s the first week of January & you’re working it out again…shit hurts…exactly how it’s supposed to.

Why would we think it’d be ANY different when we’re growing internally, emotionally, spiritually?

Ooof course it’s going to hurt, be so uncomfortable that all you want to do is just stop, give up…but you can’t.  Because that’s not how it works.

How can you be a stronger, bigger, better person if you’re not pushing yourself through the parts that hurt the most?

You’re ALWAYS stronger than you think and life really does just… go on.

It doesn’t feel like it (it never does when you’re completely submerged beneath the bog of shitty times) but you’re gonna be just fine.

And, I promise you, if you keep at it, keep pushing, keep growing…one day, you’ll have that incredible moment when you suddenly realize how strong you really are and how pushing through the breaking point was worth it…because you made it through….

and you’re ok too.

More than ok.

Happy happy Monday!

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  1. Love this and I love you!

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