When did “weird” start taking on a negative connotation?

The weirdest, most unusual things in my life…are actually some of the most amazing & beautiful.

I’ve said this before: Every thing we feel & do is justified by our existence alone.

We’ve all had our individual crazy life paths that have helped shape us to become the person we are today. Why on earth would you want to deny those experiences & that individuality by trying to play it cool?

If it makes you smile, smile.

If it makes you chuckle, chuckle.

If it makes you laugh out loud all by your lonesome in the middle of a crowded bar & that woman sharing the communal bench next to you is definitely judging you….laugh, my friend. Laugh loud & laugh hard.

Because everyone’s weird.

And, it’s only those with the courage & passion to rock that inherent weirdness that get to experience the true freedom of just being.

Happy Monday!


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