Guys, it’s been a minute since my last post…I’ve got some stuff going on. Mostly good stuff, though. And all this stuff has got me thinking about fear…in the best way possible.

In the past, I’ve been all kinds of ambiguous with my MAKEMOVES…ambiguity makes it universal, open for interpretation.  But, I’m at this point right now…where ambiguity just isn’t working.  My brain is tired.  I’ve got this amazing project I’m passionate about making a reality…and it takes up a lot of energy…

which makes my energy even more valuable to me…

which means I don’t want to waste it worrying about things like fear.

So, this MAKEMOVES is going to be a little different.  In the past, I’ve been FEARFUL of vulnerability. Look at me, fear AND vulnerability in the same sentence. Haha.  Generalizing my posts makes it less scary.  But this week, I’m not making it a “we”…it’s “I”. This is what I’M going through right now.

Like I said, I’ve got this amazing passion/project that I couldn’t be more excited about it.  And it’s just been unfolding ever so smoothly…too smoothly.

SO smoothly, in fact, it’s scaring the shit out of me.  It’s like I’ve discovered this path & as I’m meandering down it, gorgeous flowers bloom at my feet, birds flit about, and yes, just off in the distance, there’s a fuckin baby dear.  Caution: EMO moment in 3…2…1… I literally feel like if my heart could talk, it wouldn’t say a single thing, but just let out a sigh of happiness. Yeah, I couldn’t think of less cheesy way to say that either.  But then there’s this…thing…at the back of my head, holding me back.  Oh hey, Fear.

What’s got me so scared? How amazing it is to have passion? The potential of how incredible this could be? The fact that I’d actually have to let myself commit to something…at least for a little while?

So…it’s really the potential of awesome that’s freaking me out.  See now, suddenly, that fear feels silly.

If things don’t work out…they just don’t. work. out.  And that’s ok.

But to not go after something you want so very much because of….fear?  Yeah, that’s actually NOT ok.

If there are no mistakes, only reminders that life is unfolding as it should, then really, we got nothing to worry about…

…I have nothing to worry about.

Shine brightly, beacons of the extraordinary.

Have a grand ol’ Monday!

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5 responses to “MAKEMOVES|MONDAY

  1. I had to blow off my indolence and log in just to comment on this! ;D I feel this way ALL THE TIME! Thanks for being so honest, and I’m still reading all your posts.

    • Aw, thanks! I appreciate your continued support. Seriously, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous to publish this one, but your warm response totally makes it worth it:)

      • You’re welcome.

        I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but when you cuss in your posts, it’s a real turn-off to the reading. It just seems… immature, I guess.

        That’s just one person’s opinion though.

  2. Sandra

    you really do rock. F.E.A.R. was once defined to me as Fantazised Emotions Appearing Real. As in, it is NOT REAL. It only becomes real when we give it power over our imagination and our ability to DREAM BIG.
    Keep dreaming. you really do rock.

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