LIKE|THIS: Neon Orange

When I come across something that I know I shouldn’t like but kinda really do, something that most will label “too bold” or…just downright “ugly,”

I can’t help but think…Challenge accepted.

The key to making a neon orange blazer wearable in real-life is to balance the bold shade with neutral shades, like gray, nude, black, and white.  And, while the color is modern, the blazer’s fit is timeless.  Pairing it with classic pieces, such as denim shirts, striped tees, chinos, and dark wash denim, adds familiarity to an otherwise intimidating piece.

So, to show you that bright orange doesn’t have to be a scary thing…here’s not one, but five ways to wear this neon orange blazer by Rag & Bone.

LIKE A GIRL: top|chinos|pumps|clutch|necklace|bracelet|ring. LIKE A BOY: tee|shorts|oxfords|beanie|sunglasses|necklace|ring. DRESSED UP: blouse|trousers|platform sandals|clutch|earrings|ring. DRESSED DOWN: denim shirt|shorts|belt|sandals|bag|earrings|ring. JUST ONE MORE: striped henley|wideleg jeans|heels|bag|belt|ring|bracelet|necklace.


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One response to “LIKE|THIS: Neon Orange

  1. Sandra

    LOVE the orange blazer! 🙂

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