In high school, I dreamed up this one VERY detailed sequence of events that revolved around two things: serenity…and a well-stocked bar cart.

I arrive home, exhausted from a long day of work only work wasn’t really work at all, but some passion of mine I’d figured out how to get paid to do. I do a little Mr. Roger’s wardrobe change…

then, walk over to my vintage bar cart & pour myself a whiskey because in 10th grade, apparently I was classy like that. haha.

With my drink in hand & the smooth, healing voice of Billie or Otis (on vinyl, of course) soothing my soul so good, I sink slowly into my couch, relishing this much-deserved moment of peace & appreciating the feeling of being in a place I’d grown up dreaming about…

Long story longer, I really, really like bar carts. And, bar carts seem to have a recurring role on Mad Men, so it seemed liked the perfect time to share that story…& a few of the bar cart images I’ve been hoarding.

via 1, 2, 3, 4-unknown, 5-unknown.


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