Holy shit balls…you really ARE awesome.

Sometimes, we forget it, or let others make us doubt it.

Sometimes, we put our awesome in the hands of someone else, let them hold it for a while, then feel like we’ve lost a part of ourselves when they foolishly choose to no longer be in our lives…

but guess what…you’re still fucking awesome.

And, the things & people & places that make you feel otherwise…they need to go.

Because as much as you may like someone love someone & as awesome as they may seem…

you should like & love yourself more because, let’s be real, you’re the most awesomest.

People will come & go. Β But you, my friend, you’ll be in your life for the long haul.

So…take a breath & just let everything else go.

If you feel like there’s a part of you missing, it’s not.

While you were making space for others, you’re awesome’s just been squished to the side for a little while. Just give it some time to expand back to its original size.

Trust me, it’s still ALL there:)

Happy Monday!


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