You know what I did this morning?

I woke up & told myself that, no matter what happened, I would see the awesomeness in the day…because this day would never happen again.

…then I got out of bed & danced for a solid 7 minutes to The Black Keys’ Lonely Boy, alone in my room.

And it felt fucking grand.

But, guess what?  Despite what most of you might think, what with all my incessant borderline-obnoxious optimism, I do not wake up every morning in a world of sunshine & rainbows.

All this overflowing optimism I’ve got…I’ve worked to have.  Worked hard to have.

I’m optimistic because I’ve had to be.  Disappointment, heartbreak, loss, frustrations with my career, needing extra motivation – I’m right there with you guys.

Trust me, I have my emo moments (or days) where I’m just being a punk about life.

And you can let all that negative energy & heartbreak bring you down…

or you can choose to be ok, more than ok.

When something or everything isn’t going our way, it’s so hard to see the good.  You just have to trust life.  Live with the confidence that everything happens for a reason…and just because you can’t imagine what that reason is, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.  It’s kind of like feelings – sometimes the English language is too small to articulate exactly how you’re feeling…doesn’t mean you aren’t feeling it.

So the way I see, we have two choices: Have no real idea how things will turn out & be sad about it, or have no real idea how things will turn out & be optimistic about it.

One involves Adele, a little Ani, staying in bed a lot, tears….and the other involves actually getting to live your life.

I’ve chosen optimism.

I mean, why not? For all the heartache, heart break, disappointments, I wouldn’t change a single thing, if it meant I didn’t get to be here right now.

So, tomorrow when you wake up, shake yo booty to this one.  In the first 3 minutes of your day you’ve already 1) been ok with being alone, 2) danced out the negativity, & 3) had a good laugh.  A damn fine way to start your day, if I do say so myself!

PS: If you’re feeling awkward about dancing alone in your room…have you SEEN the video?! It’s about having a good time, not looking like Beyonce. Do it.

Happy, happy Monday!


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