DIY| Feather Ornament Mobile

Sometimes or all the time you need a little whimsy in your day…

Enter: The feather ornament mobile.

There’s just something so magical about it…

feathers dancing lazily through the air, suspended within magical, unpoppable bubbles.  Le sigh.



– String (I’m obsessed with this black & white baker’s twine!)

– Sticks

– Light-colored thread or fishing line

– Feathers

– Scissors

– Clear ornaments (I realize they might be hard to come by now – but maybe you can “borrow” a few from the holiday decorations…they won’t even know.)

STEP 1: Fasten the sticks into a Blair Witch-like triangle, securing each corner with string.

Step 2: Remove the top of the ornament & insert the lovely feather of your liking into the ornament, pointy side first.  Then, put the little top back on.  Repeat.

Step 3: Using the light-colored thread or fishing line, attach each ornament to the stick base.  In order to keep a balanced mobile, just make sure to spread them evenly around the base.

Step 4: Take 3 more pieces of string & create a tri-pod, tying one end of each piece of string to a corner of the stick base, and the other ends into a single knot in the center.  Wrap the central knot around the nail/hook/etc. you’re using to hang the mobile.

That’s it, my crafty comrade!  Enjoy!


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