My buddy, DANakaDAN‘s been killing it with the music videos lately.  A fantastically entertaining little mix of humor, humility, old school jams, and geek pride – his latest video, LOSER, with Alexander Jung, had me feeling all kinds of nostalgic…and, damn proud of my nerd-status.  So, what I’m sayin is….check it out.

Also, while we’re talking afterschoolspecial…their video for Dreamers, an ah-mazing visual collaboration of YouTube latest & greatest – Ryan Higa, Cathy Nguyen, Aj Rafael, David Choi, Jennifer Chung, Dawen, Paul Dateh, Instant Noodles Crew, and Wong Fu Productions –  is pretty much my favorite.  It’s all about the epicness of 3:24.  And if the song sounds familiar, it’s because I use it as the opening credits for all my ResLo videos. Fun fact.  Enjoy!


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