Creatures of the common place.

Slaves of the ordinary.

Is it just me or do those just rooolll off your tongue ever so splendidly?

Aannyway….seems like such an obvious sentiment – letting your innate awesome shine through – so why is it so hard to just do…just be?

I feel like we convince ourselves not to do things our hearts truly desire because either 1) we’ll fail & be disappointed, or 2) we’ll succeed & have to deal with…the awesomeness of succeeding?

It’s crazy how often it’s the possibility of succeeding that scares us more.

Growing up, we’re encouraged to simultaneously be different AND be normal….over-rated.

Shine, but not too brightly?  F. That.

Be so amazingly different that you inspire others to be different. Be so fuckin awesome that you inspire others to be awesome.

Holding yourself back is not doing the world ANY good.

Illuminators of the inspired.

Beacons of the extraordinary.

Yeah…those roll off the tongue pretty splendidly as well.

Happy Tuesday!



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3 responses to “MAKEMOVES|MONDAY-ish

  1. totally needed this… thanks D. xoxo

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  3. Sandra

    love being awesome. it’s never to late to feel free 😀

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