Friends, 2012’s been pretty grand so far.

I mean, like, really fuckin grand.

…like “walking down the street by yourself with a fat smile on your face & totally not giving a shit because life is so grand” grand.

I know it’s only been a week (plus, two days) & really ANYTHING can happen in the next 355 days,

but that anticipation’s sort of what makes it even more…grand.

ANYTHING can happen.

See, I figure at some point I’m probably gonna have a bad day, a really bad day,

and when I do, I’m going to remind myself of this epic first week of 2012.

I made the conscious decision to do the things that make me happy, allowed myself to slow down & SAVOR the little things,

so when that bad day comes, & I’m feelin all emo & powerless,

I can remember this epic week that I CHOSE to have.

Stand in that sunny spot just a few moments longer.  Eat that ice cream for dinner.  Listen to that song that just soothes your soul so good…on repeat.  Spend time with the people that make you happy.  Let go of the ones that don’t.  Go on adventures.  Get completely lost.  Actually stop to smell the roses.

Make the decision to wholeheartedly, & without an ounce of guilt, enjoy the little things

& you’ll be amazed by how big your life becomes.

Happy Monday!

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2 responses to “MAKEMOVES|MONDAY

  1. Sandra

    what a wonderful sentiment to begin the new year with 😀 I am so there with you Dani Dan ! xoxox mua!

  2. love love love ;0) and I tootally went for a stroll last night in the 50 degree full moon chicago air, everyone was smiling and I had an ice cream cone for dinner. Enjoying life :0

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