LIKE|THIS: Fancy Pants

I’ll be the first to admit that I probably dig Steven Tyler’s rockstar-grandma style more than I should.

Then again, I always seem to dig the things I shouldn’t…

No longer just a rock’n’roll staple, printed pants are now a rising trend in winter fashion.

They’re crazy, bold, eccentric & deceptively versatile.

Pair them with oxfords, a button-down, & a shrunken blazer for a chic, androgynous look. Or dress them up with heels, contrasting print blouse, & a FAUX fur vest for a more feminine, seventies vibe.

The possibilities really are endless…

So, be bold, friends. And, get yo fancy on!

fancy pants. like a girl: clutch|blouse|necklace|ring|bracelet|heels|faux fur vest. like a boy: blazer|ring|vest|scarf|shirt|loafers.


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