Pup owners (or…pretty much anyone) beware –

these are pretty rad.  You might really want one.

You might even be tempted to get yourself a furry little friend just so you can have local artist, Marna Schindler, create one of these custom pet portraits for you.

The colors, the animated backgrounds, those cuuute little faces (so cute!)

Would it be weird to have a painting of someone else’s pet? Is that like having a portrait of your friend’s kids up on the wall?

Yeeah, I guess it’s weird…but it might be worth it. haha.


via www.doggonitart.com


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One response to “PUPPY|LOVE

  1. Soo cute!!! Hmm…you raise a good point of whether its weird to have a portrait of someone elses dog in your living room…I mean we buy an send all those wonderful hallmark cards of animals or interesting people on them and we technically dont know them, and that’s not really too weird or creepy….or is it? hmmmm. I say the artist should makes painting “inspired by” true animals to eliminate the creepy factor and bring joy to art and doggie lovers around the world! All in all, these paintings are awesome and I want one.

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