So this lady just came into my store, literally, like 10 minutes ago…

yes, it’s another one of those storytime MAKEMOVES|MONDAYS

She was telling me about her favorite bracelet that she recently lost.

“I think about it every single day,” she says.

Then, she pauses for a moment, looks at the ceiling, and says something that kinda breaks my heart a little…

Maybe I don’t deserve it.

To which I, in all my borderline obnoxious optimism, reply,” Maaaybe it was something beautiful that served its purpose. Β But, now you get to find a new one that’s just going to be like…so perfect & beautiful in a way you can’t even imagine.” Yeeah, I really said that. I don’t know where this stuff comes from. haha. I really do believe it though.

But this story isn’t just about bracelets lost – it’s about love lost, friendships lost, dreams lost…

you deserve every ounce of happiness in your life, always.

And, sometimes, shitty things happen, really fuckin earth-shattering, heart-breaking shitty things – like losing something we love. Β It didn’t stick around as long as you wanted it to, but maybe it stuck around as long as it needed to.

So, whatever it is you’ve lost – take the time to appreciate it in its entirety…

& let it go.

Because the thing is…YOU get to decide how long you want it to affect you negatively & when you’re going to start letting it affect you positively.

Aaand….big exhale. πŸ™‚

Happy, happy Monday!

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4 responses to “MAKEMOVES|MONDAY

  1. Misty-Dawn

    i second that. i am falling in love with your blog. πŸ™‚ the stop holding yourself back is my desk top…i really needed that. !!! can’t wait to see what comes out of seattle! woot.

    • @MistyDawn – Weeeell, seeing as that I’ll be there soon for Epic Bestie Trip 2012 (that’s what Heather & I are going with, what do ya think?)…you’ll have to show me what’s up! I’m down for some special ResLo-Seattle posts:)

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