Thanksgiving is sooo close!

And, maybe this year, it’s your first one away from your family, where YOU actually have to cook.

And, maaaybe that cute girl (or guy) is coming over because you may or may not have told her that you can cook something fierce…

so now MAYBE you’re freaking out just a little about how to dress an effin turkey/turducken/tofurkey?

Or maybe you’re not, cuz you’re a culinary rockstar like that, but for the sake of this post, just go with it, will ya? K, thanks.

Well, my friends, have no fear.

Here are a few tips for a well dressed (some might say dapper, even) turkey/turducken/tofurkey, courtesy of Berkley Illustrations.

You can thank me later. haha.




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2 responses to “WELL|DRESSED|ANIMALS

  1. Misty-Dawn

    best. ever.

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